The Best 5 Appointment Scheduling Solution for Small-Medium Businesses

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5 min readSep 30, 2020

As a business owner, you must be thinking about why there is a need for appointment scheduling software? Studies show that the majority of small-medium businesses use the conventional method of appointment booking and hence spent their most valuable time in sending back-and-forth emails to customers confirming their availability.

So, why should you invest in an appointment scheduling app?

Appointment scheduling applications or software help automate the process of scheduling meetings with potential and existing customers. It also allows you to organize your business effectively and avoid double bookings, cancellations, and bad reviews from unsatisfied customers. Not only does a well-organized appointment schedule help you run your business more efficiently, but it also makes your business look more professional.

Are you ready to see some of the best appointment scheduling apps? Let’s dive in.


If you are looking for a flexible and hassle-free appointment booking solution, SkizzleOpus is worth your consideration.


SkizzleOpus is a versatile cloud-based appointment scheduling solution that caters to small and midsize businesses across various industries such as financial services, health care, legal services, salons, spas, and more.

Through SkizzleOpus, you can manage bookings effectively. Appointment reminders to reduce no-shows, instant SMS booking confirmation, and comprehensive booking history are a few attractions of the software. You can manage appointments quickly and efficiently with the synchronization of their online calendar.

SkizzleOpus has three pricing plans starting from Silver to Platinum. You can also try the free 30-days trial before opting for any paid plans.


Acuity Scheduling, a cloud-based appointment booking application, is ideal for individuals or small businesses, especially those in the service sector. These days, because of its extensive usage in enterprises, it is one of the best-known appointment scheduling application.


Acuity is a fairly good online calendar planner that is available free for solopreneurs. However, many of its finest features are reserved for premium users. With the free version, you’ll get a great user experience with great online scheduling options and unlimited monthly appointments. You’ll have to step up to one of the paid plans for advanced features such as payment processing, appointment reminders, reporting, and app integration. It can be integrated with approximately 500+ applications via Zapier.


10to8 is a cloud-based online booking application with a unique instant chat feature. You can integrate 10to8 with more than 500 of the most popular apps and programs including Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack, Stripe, Paypal, and Xero. These integrations are only available with the paid plans.


It also has an option to send notifications for reminders of the appointments. The messages can be sent via Facebook, Slack, SMS, and from the chat features on the dashboard. It accepts the payments from SagePay, PayPal, and Stripe with no extra fee.

10to8 starts with a free plan for small business owners which offer 100 appointments monthly. The other plans are Basic, Grow, Bigger Business, and the Enterprise version. They also offer a 31-day trial option for those who wish to try premium features before committing.


Setmore is a cloud-based appointment booking application that features appointment-management and calendar tools. For businesses that arrange group activities such as fitness or language classes, this application is well-suited.


Setmore is a reliable online scheduling program that offers many options in a free package that’s hard to beat. It’s unique group booking options, is the best pick for businesses looking to organize group activities. This is a great choice for such businesses.

On the flip side, the free version provides only email-based reminders and no integration with other calendar apps such as Google Calendar. There is also very little in the way of customization for those who care about that in a free scheduling app.

Setmore has two pricing plans starting with a free option and a premium plan of $25.00 per month per user. It can be deployed to Web, SaaS, and cloud platforms, mobile-iOS native, Mobile -an android native.

SimplyBook has a unique option for “Custom Features” that allows you to access advanced features ranging from payment processing tools and customer analytics to integration of apps, class and group bookings, and more.


SimplyBook has four pricing plans, starting with the free option, all the way up to the premium plan, which has a 14-day free trial. The main difference between the free scheduling software version and the paid versions is in the number of bookings and the available Custom Features. In the free version, only 50 bookings per month and one custom feature are permissible. Custom Features include everything from Google Calendar integration to accepting deposits and payments. This software is available in English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Taiwanese, and Portuguese languages.

Wrapping Up

We have mentioned the top 5 scheduling software for small or medium businesses that would help manage the appointments smoothly & efficiently. To find the best scheduling software for small businesses is a complex task, but an apt solution can give your business the heights. Choose the one that is entirely related to your business requirements.



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