‘Living at work’ — the new normal HR trend is not that bad

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3 min readNov 18, 2020

The covid-19 pandemic has forced many employees to work from home. Many have made the abrupt shift to working from home and it’s quite easy to feel like you’re ‘living at work’ when your home is your office.

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The idea of working remotely has been historically resisted by most businesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, this line of thought has been modified by several organizations. Companies have had to adjust to survive in order to continue operating at a period when offices have been advised or told to close.

For many employees, this new normal is a boon. But for others, it’s a confirmation that they’re all about that office life; commute, work, socializing, and whatnot. However, working from home can continue to be part of your immediate future. So, let’s point out all the positives of these new normal HR trends.

Don’t you get the quality family time?

From the company’s perspective, they are seeing higher levels of productivity and performance. The reason behind it is simple. Most professionals no longer have to commute. So, for themselves and their families, they have more quality time. Spending enough time with their children, helping them with their studies, are some of such things that sometimes they would have missed before this new normal. Isn’t this a good sign?

Aren’t you improving your skills?

This pandemic has witnessed lots of budding chefs, gardeners, etc. The lockdown period has provided enough free time for everyone. People are now making good use of their time by upskilling themselves for a better career path or by investing their time in fulfilling their hobbies.

Haven’t you tried your culinary skills, gardening skills, or improving your coding skills? I’m sure you did. So, isn’t this new normal giving you the opportunity to excel? The answer is pretty simple — ‘YES’.

High demand for ‘Digital Nomads’

The current scenario has broadened the potential for many talented working professionals to migrate to remote areas of the country and even beyond. Today, a variety of countries around the world give people who work remotely the opportunity to do their job from a more exotic location. The opportunity to change the environment while doing their job appeals to many individuals as the pandemic wears on.

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You have enough space to explore your natural world while maintaining a good frame of mind to be productive in your work at the same time.

Wrapping Up

In the near future,’ work-from-home’ cultures may be here to stay. Whatever the condition will be, all you need to do is to stay positive, healthy, and skilled.



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