Is your business making these mistakes while appointment scheduling?

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3 min readOct 16, 2020

Due to current circumstances, especially in the past few months, life demands schedules and organization. If your business depends on scheduling, scheduling software is the lubricant that helps keep the business running smoothly.

Unfortunately, scheduling errors are quite common in businesses and can cause your credibility and performance. It is vital that businesses need to ensure that such errors are not made and should be aware of the possible effective solutions they can employ to mitigate the risks associated with these mistakes.

Let’s dig out the common mistakes in deeper:

You are not sending appointment reminders

It would be a major mistake to presume that your prospects would undoubtedly remember to turn up once they book an appointment with you. If you want a higher attendance rate, make sure you have automatic reminders that notify your customers when their appointment is due. Your customer will appreciate these reminders and you will increase the chances that they will arrive on time, reschedule an appointment, or make room for someone else.

With the help of appointment scheduling software, you can set reminders and personalize your text or email reminder messages.

Over-booking appointments

When your receptionists cram so many appointments in a single day, and every customer shows up, this common appointment scheduling error occurs. Sadly, this contributes to sky-high wait times and upset customers. You should use a scheduling system that keeps everyone on the same page and prevents overbooking. Although squeezing a few extra customers into it can be tempting, is it worth risking your reputation and goodwill with them?

You’re not asking screening questions

Another major mistake that many professionals and businesses make is asking the wrong qualifying questions or no questions at all.

As a brand, you need to learn about your customers in order to serve them well. You must be aware of their personality, preferences, requirements, budgets, and various factors that can influence their buying decision.

Their buying decision is purely influenced by their personality, preferences, budgets, and various other factors. Hence it is vital that you must be aware of these factors. You may be successful in generating leads and close your appointment scheduling target, however, it is of utmost importance that you should understand the expectations of your lead/ potential cutomer in order to convert them.

The majority of online scheduling software does this job well for you.

You don’t have a follow-up system

Customers have short attention spans, and it is very likely for them not to follow through on their own even though they have signed up for an appointment. Hence, last-minute cancellations and no-shows are unavoidable, and because scheduling does not always match waiting times, your clients can get stuck if they are unable to quickly take into account the additional schedule gaps and canceled appointments.

One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to have a comprehensive SMS or email-based follow-up campaign that keeps your prospects engaged.

Wrapping Up

Living in a world where work is increasingly done at a distance, the importance of scheduling online appointments cannot be understated. In automating the process and taking human error and resource-intensive busy work out of the equation, a secure online appointment scheduling solution will benefit businesses. It enables businesses to find the right audiences, send timely updates, plan follow-ups, and gather all the right information brands need to efficiently support their consumers.



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